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About Us

About Azores For Rental

We are a Property Manager trademark based in São Miguel Island, Azores. Our brand, Azores For Rent, has an innovative service for the management, promotion and marketing of properties. We are a dynamic, professional, innovative and multidisciplinary team.

Our project began in 2016, based on several premises and specificities. After all background work was finished, we began our activity in 2017, exploring the first Accommodations. During this year, several new technological tools were implemented in a phased manner. We also established some partnerships and implemented innovative processes, methodologies and the most rigorous cleaning standards.

Was also established and started a training plan for our team, in order to implement a continuous education system, which contributes to a constant evolution of our employees.

In 2018 we launched our website, which has an advanced reservation system, as well the integration with one of the most modern and secure payment system. During this year, will be established new partnerships and started projects. Always focus in the target of improving, strengthening and diversifying the brand Azores For Rent, in a sustainable way and in perfect harmony with the destination Azores. One of the few virgin and wild tourist destinations available in Europe.